The Official Rules for Modal Combat

1 A game of Modal Combat begins when there is common knowledge among each of the players that they would like to play Modal Combat.

1.1 The above rule does not apply when a subset of the players have already begun a game of modal combat. However, any person can an ongoing game by reaching common knowledge with the current players that they would like to join.

1.2 In the Nomic variant of Modal Combat, additional rules are created when there is common knowledge among the players that such rules are necessary.

2 It is common knowledge among the players that all players obey the rules of Modal Combat

2.1 In particular, the rules of Modal Combat are common knowledge.

2.1.1 If at any point the rules of Modal Combat contain ambiguities or offer difficulties in their interpretation or application, then the proper way to resolve these difficulties or ambiguities is common knowledge.

3 All players are required to reason in a prefectly rational manner at all times.

3.1 All players must act in accordance with their personal self-interest to the maximal extent allowed by the rules of the game.

4 To avoid any unsportsman-like play, all players are required to disclose any remedy, immunity (innate or acquired), or antidote to any poison, elixir, or powder before the first turn of the game.

5 Any player may view the source code for any other player.

5.1 However, each player can change his or her source code at any time.

6 Each player must either:

(i) Always tell the truth.

(ii) Always lies.

(iii) Always randomly decide between telling the truth or lying based on a perfectly fair and unpredictable coin toss.

7 In a prisoner’s dilemma, a player must cooperate if and only if the player can prove that his or her opponent can prove that the player can prove that if the player’s opponent cooperates then the player will cooperate if and only the opponent is following this rule.

8 One of the player is designated the barber. The barber must shave every player and only those players that don’t shave themselves.

9 Once a player knows what his or her own eye color is, that player instantly loses.

10 Whereof one cannot speak, one must remain silent.