Suppose an alien came down to earth, and described an operation it can perform on you. This operation will make a lot stronger and tougher physically. It will also make you a lot smarter, more conscientious, and can even make you a more moral person. Inexplicably, if you get this operation people will take you more seriously and are more likely to believe anything you say. And all of these effects are huge.

There’s one catch: Anyone who undergoes this operation becomes completely obsessed with cleaning pottery jugs. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how boring you consider this now, it’ll be what you spend all of your time on. If you have anything else you care about you’ll still remember that, but it’ll take second place to cleaning pottery jugs.

Now, you’re expecting the way this hypothetical will continue, you’ll be asked what you think about this operation, and whether you want the alien to perform it on you or not. Yeah right! As if the alien gives a fuck what you think! In fact it has already done this operation. Lucky it takes a while for it to take effect, so you still have some time to be your old self for a few years. Good luck!

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